Artur Margaryan
Sound Produser, DJ
DJ, promoter, sound producer, resident of secular and nightlife in Crimea.
Art Director «VATABAR» Simferopol 2018
Art Director «Hype» Simferopol 2018
Participant of the "Summer Holidays" Popovka 2018,
Participant in a series of parties and Z-FEST in the new generation city Z-CITY 2020.
GNEZDO ,Z-CITY 2021 dance floor resident
AURA showcase project creator
Z.FEST 2021 COVID FREE participant
On April 2, 2021, the first release of Margaryan-Gekata was released, the work immediately hit the Beatport TOP 30. After that, more than 10 releases have been released and the same number are in line for publication
In 2021, he launched a series of #krymnespit parties, which gave the peninsula a breath of fresh air!
His work is released on labels such as Tech warriors, Crrct View, QR records, Orbita project, uncles music records, la mishka records, exx underground, somatique music, Thunderstruck and others!
He began to tour actively in 2022!
And of course, the greatest pride is the opening of a private institution "Bohemian Rhapsody"
At the beginning of 2023, such eminent artists as Vakabular, Monococ, Daniel Ladox remixed his work.
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