The largest topaz in the world!
Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what is already there.
















Mysterious topaz from Russia...
Everyone who has ever held it in their hands has increased their fortune tenfold.
I'm a blue topaz gem and I was created to dazzle anyone who might look at me. I'm not too big, but still big enough to be fully enjoyed. My birthplace is in the Caucasus and I spent many centuries there until I was discovered by stone extractors. After my owner went missing, I somehow ended up with a group of pirates who weren't usually interested in treasure or gems. However, they soon realized that I was no ordinary stone: I glittered and emanated otherworldly energy they had never seen before. The pirates boasted about their new "prize" on all their thrilling adventures and eventually put me up for an international auction.


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So, what happened was that I was bought by a collector who loves to own special and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. I was taken to Russia where I went through some tests and evaluations. Since then, I have been sitting in my owner's house as a decoration and haven't caught the eye of many people until now.

I used to gaze longingly at different corners of the globe, dreaming of traveling and experiencing all the wonders of the world. I always felt that people hadn't quite figured out how to make the best use of me, being just a simple stone with natural beauty.
The Topaz at Qatar
Bring your brightest ideas to life!
220 000
But I still dreamt big – I wanted to see it all! And then, one day, they took me out of my box and let the wind take me away. And that's how I wound up here, on the breathtaking Mount Akhun, one of the most stunning city towers.
I'm planning to stay here for a month to take a break and wait.

I'm waiting for that special someone who will pick me up and cherish me. I'm searching for my new princess who'll explore the world with me and enjoy life to the fullest. I need someone who'll love me as much as I love the world that surrounds us.
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